Ants marching

We are redoing our kitchen.  Or I should say, my husband is single-handedly redoing the kitchen.  I am super-proud of him and know he’ll do a great job.  And I’m very excited to have a new kitchen in a few months.   This post is not about that.  Rather, about the human compulsion to keep “doing” and “redoing” our surroundings.  Why the compulsion to take something that’s completely functional and fine, gut it, and replace it with better?  In the process, causing ourselves discomfort and most of our savings?  The image I cannot shake is one of busy little ants, completing cycles of tasks throughout our lives.  We need new work and goals to keep us interested and fulfilled.  To the extent we don’t find those elsewhere, we create them ourselves.  It fulfills us in the short and near term, but a long-term view seems to show them in a less meaningful light.  It’s just picking up this bread crumb, marching along with said crumb, and then depositing it in a different pile.   









Well, here’s our pile of crumbs.


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