I am an impulsive person (sometimes to my husband’s chagrin) and I think we are taught to generally regard impulsivity as a negative trait.  Or at least to regard our impulses suspiciously.  However, I think there are many times in which impulse serves me well.  For instance, many of the books I’ve ultimately loved were obtained on a whim immediately after reading an interesting review.  So, in the thrall of my rekindled interest in taking the piano seriously, I set about inquiring to find a teacher.  Things moved a little bit quicker than I anticipated andall of a sudden, I have my first lesson (in 16 years!) tomorrow evening.  However, I think it’s a good thing.  If you don’t jump into something when you’re excited about it, when will you?  The opportunity presented itself and I took it.  Now I have to settle down and transition from excitement to work-mode! 

On a related note, my new teacher has both a Yamaha and a Steinway grand in his studio.  I played a little on the Steinway.  Amazing, huge sound.  Definitely not the Clavinova!

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