anyone need a tripspy?

Have you ever gone out to a restaurant while on vacation that had garnered favorable online reviews but didn’t float your boat? Did you ever think that maybe the people who gave it the favorable reviews have different tastes than yours? Not worse or better, just different. For instance, the big Mexican restaurant in town might be perfect for families with small kids who just want quick service and not-too-spicy burritos. However, if you know your way around a more authentic Mexican mole, you’d likely wish you would not have spent one of your few vacation dinners there, when there are so many other options to try! We recently had such an experience. Great vacation spot, but we weren’t familiar with the town. We’d read up online on some spots and one place had gotten almost uniformly positive reviews. We thought it was mediocre at best. Looking around, we surmised that our tastes might not be the same as the other diners. But we could have never identified this from the positive online reviews.

What we really could have used was a way to sort through all the online reviews to determine if we were looking for the same thing in a Mexican restaurant. The same could be said of other restaurants or hotels – while some people may love the huge, four-star hotel, others may be looking for quaint structures with historic character. This is a small, but potentially significant gap in the extensive and useful online travel community. There must be a way to use a very basic version of the technology used by online dating sites and apply it to travel experiences. Users can take a basic, short questionnaire which will somewhat categorize their tastes and then only be matched up with reviews by users with similar tastes! We thought of calling it Tripspy, with the tag line “Because we’re all different.” However, there seems to be a British travel website by the same name, so we’ll see…

Does the idea sound intriguing to anyone? Would you be willing to take a short questionnaire in order to get travel reviews more closely matched to your tastes?

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